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NO RACE LICENSE REQUIRED -  This event is properly permitted by USA Cycling for insurance purposes, but it DOES NOT require a cycling license of any sort.  If, however you have received some sort of sanctioning/suspension for use of performance enhancing drugs, USA Cycling prohibits you from competing in any event permitted by the agency.  


GOODIES -  All riders will receive a souvenir branded Gravel  Miami Trucker Hat and branded Gravel Miami Performance Cycling Socks on-course neutral support (Coca-Cola, Jelly Belly, Pickles, Chips, Powdered Gatorade, etc.) free parking at the Miami Brewing Company, Dunkin Doughnut coffee & light breakfast items and post event fuel/water/watermelon.  This event will be professionally timed with splits on the course and all riders will received branded Gravel Miami custom event numbers.  The Top 3 in each category will also received custom Gravel Miami awards.  All 107 mile Gravelers receive custom finisher medals. The Miami Brewing Company will have food trucks available for post event food and will provide early Sunday access to the brewery for an amazing post event party.  

CATEGORIES (*Your competing age is your age as of December 31, 2024) 

Category-107 Mile Men/Women Open
Category-107 Mile Master Men/Women 40+/50+/60+


Category–56 Mile Men/Women Open
Category–56 Mile Master Men/Women 40+, 50+, 60+


Category–30 Mile Men/Women Intermediate
Category–30 Mile Men/Women Beginner
Category–30 Mile Men/Women MTB Bike


6:30AM -  Mass Start 107 mile group

9:00am - Mass Start 56 mile group

9:30am - Mass Start 30 mile group





$64 (30 miles)

$84 (56 miles)

$109 (107 miles - 2 loops)

  • Add $10 for our amazing bike valet/wash while you enjoy the post event party in the Brewery.

  • Fees increase on January 21, 2024 by $10. 

  • Online Registration is open until Sunday, February 18, 2024 at 5:59am. 

  • In-person registration (day of event) starts at 6:00am (please add $15)


Scout the course with the City Bikes Gravel Team  on Saturday, February 17, 2024 at the Miami Brewing Company.   The City Bikes team will depart at 9:30am.


Saturday, February 17, 2024 from 12pm to 5pm - (Trek Bike Miami - 12537 South Dixie Highway, Pinecrest, Florida 33156)

Sunday, February 18, 2024 beginning at 5:30am at the Miami Brewing Company.  You can pickup you number/swag anytime before the start of your event. 

Contact Email:


 108 MILE FINISHER MEDALS – After your cross the line, head to the orange event trailer and tell them you event number to validate that you finished to receive your Gravel Miami finisher medal. 100 Mile participants will receive a custom finisher medal. 



All riders are required to down load the Strava file to their phone / bike computer.  This area of the Florida Everglades has phone reception for most of the course.  You are also encouraged to view the Relive Video (55/110 mile and most of the 30 mile) and click on the Interactive Course Map after the video ends. RELIVE VIDEO

Strava 107 Mile Route (2 laps)

Strava 56 Mile Route

Strava 30 Mile Course


After you complete your grueling gravel grinder ride we will take care of your bike at the secure Bike Wash and Bike Valet. Relax and enjoy your time inside of  the Brewery with your cycling family and friends while we clean and polish your bike,.  The bike valet and bike wash is $10.  If you are feeling generous feel free to tip our team.............


WAVE START TIMES AND CUT OFF TIME - Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your start time.  The first wave will leave at 6:30am.  Each wave will have a mass start that is led by a vehicle for the first few miles.  The cut off time (before the finish line is removed) is 5:00pm.  Your start time is listed HERE.

EVENT NUMBER/CHIP POSITION – Warning - .For 2024 we have new tiny numbers.  Placing the number anywhere other than the front of your bike will equal disqualification from the event.  There is a timing chip on the back of your event number - Please do not tie wrap the number to your seat post or any other tube.  We must be able to see your number during the event.   The timing chip on back of the number must be free standing/exposed so that the timing line can capture a read.  It is highly recommended you also record your start/finish time as backup just in case your chip does not read.  Be prepared to show proof of your final time and event route.  We recommend using Strava.  DO NOT BEND THE NUMBER/CHIP IN AN MANNER. 


FULLY SUPPORTED NEUTRAL  - There is 1 full supported neutral support tent for the event.  This tent will be staffed to help fill your water bottles (we do not provide water bottles,  Gatorade scoop to mix with water,  pickles, salty snacks, Coca-Cola and more.  a first-aide kit is also available. There is also first aide at this tent and a Florida City Police Detail.   The tent is located at Mile 21 for all groups, and Mile 46 for the 56mi/108mi groups. 

All athletes are fully responsible for 100% of their own nutrition and mechanical issues. At the City Bikes neutral support tent there will be limited supplies to assist you in need. Please prepare for flat tires and other mechanical issues. Flat tires cause 99% of most do not finishes (DNF). Gravel bikes are not road bikes.  Our advice is to deflate at least 3-5 less psi than you normally ride as the gravel can be quite 'chunky' in certain locations.  


UNMANNED  BOTTLE DROP TABLE – This tent/table is for riders who are doing the 107 mile event who want to leave a personal bottle.  This tent is 1.5 miles from the Brewery.  This tent will not be staffed. -   Direction via gravel bike - Google Maps Directions


E-BIKES  -  E-bikes are allowed, but you will not be eligible for any awards.  The use of e-bikes in this event is for riders who need addition physical accommodations to complete their desired distance.  The use of e-bikes for competition is prohibited. 


AERO BARS - The beauty of gravel is there are basically no rules, policies, officials to impact how you want to ride.  Relative to aero bars, we simply ask that if you have them, you use them while in a solo effort and never behind a rider or especially in a group. 


TIRE SIZE - Similar to the 'Aero bar' information above, we do not care what tire size you use in gravel.  Have at it because the 'Gravel Gods' will pinch your skinny tire when you least expect it or will slash your over inflated wide gravel tire with a piece of gravel that has been buried in the Everglades for a 100 years.  We really just want you to have a great time and not worry about stupid rules.  Leave the rules to the criterium and road races governed by officials who are anxious to blow a whistle at you :)...........


SMILE - VeloPista Photo will be out on course taking your pics.  These photos are normally available the next day. We will send you an email.     


START/FINISH - This event will start and end at the Miami Brewing Company.  There will be an  escort to the gravel roads. Once the group enters the road, the event will officially begin.


LITTERING – Please do not litter our precious Everglades.  What you carry in with you, you should also carry out


GATES, GATES, GATES - The good news is that the Florida State land manager has allowed the event to open select gates which are manned by police.   The bad news is that there are several gates afterwards that you will have to wiggle your way through or carry your bike over.


GATE / ROAD CROSSING  - Caution Road Crossing.  There will be a large A-frame and gate that warns you of this road crossing (Ingram Highway).  While this road is normally not heavily traveled on a Saturday morning, you must proceed with caution.  This is located at Mile 21.   There is a Florida City police officer at the crossing.  


POLICE DETAIL ROAD CROSSING- The locations in the link are road crossings where we have Florida City Police to get you across safely.  Say hello as you make your way across the road.   


COURSE MARKINGS - The route will be marked with yellow/white paint on the gravel roads ONLY at turns. You should also look for yellow signs when there are turns.




ALCOHOL ON THE PREMISES – Insurance and State regulations requires that consumption of alcohol is only permitted by alcoholic beverages sold by the Brewery. Personal consumption is not permitted in any parking areas or on premises.


OPEN TO THE PUBLIC COURSE  - Please remember that the course is open to the public and that there will be other recreational riders on the gravel roads.  Beware that many animals live in the preserve (horses, alligators, deer, bears, snakes, etc.).  It is your responsibility to ride safely.  Please stay to the right side of the gravel road (just like driving).

PLEASE DON’T OVER INFLATE YOUR TIRES  - The #1 reason riders do not complete gravel events are due to flat tires (mainly pinch flats).  We want you to have a great gravel experience, which is why we list this as the #1 thing to focus on.  Please take a look at the provided tire pressure chart to assist you in the event. TIRE PRESSURE CHART


  • CALL 911 in case of an emergency​

  • Road ID

  • Phone

  • Health Insurance Card, ID, Credit Card, Cash and Phone on a waterproof protected case.

  • Helmet

  • Gloves

  • Eyewear

  • Extra Tubes and air.

  • Basic tools

  • Gels, bar, snack

  • Hydration (at least one 22oz bottle per hour) or (hydration backpack). NOTE: Any small backpack can help you carry extra hydration and basic tools/safety items.

  • Small/Basic First-Aid Pack


  • Always wear a helmet.

  • Check weather forecast. (Events usually post cancellations due to bad weather one hour before event starts).

  • Have your bicycle inspected for your own safety and the safety of others riding with you.

  • Say "NO to Flats" by checking the condition "wear & tear" of your tires and making sure they are properly inflated. No joke, don't be that guy, HA!

  • Sunblock and Bug repellent

  • Look ahead for slippery or loose surface and potential hazards.

  • Pick your distance based on your ability.

  • Safety first, you should not ride alone!


  • Must be self-sufficient.

  • Have a plan and let others know where you are headed and approximate time.

  • Please Don't wear earbuds, this is good group ride etiquette and a courtesy for your safety and the safety of others.

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